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Financial Institution Partners

Grow your portfolio & revenue without
having to increase your staff.

program overview

From credit card payments to electronic check processing, our innovative solutions make it convenient and affordable for financial institutions to offer their customers a competitive merchant program. Our Financial Institution Partner Program will give you an edge over the largest competitors.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the payment industry, Payment Services LLC (PSLLC) provides payment processing services to Financial Institutions throughout the country.  We put our experience to work for you to increase your overall deposits, broaden your relationship with your customers, and provide risk-free residual income for you, our Partner.  Without the costs of increasing staff, our Financial Institution Partner Program allows you to expand your portfolio of services and increase revenue with a competitive edge over larger, regional- and national-sized financial institutions. With our Financial Institution Partner Program, you can:

• Process a full range of credit, debit and all other card types
• Attract new customers with phenomenal rates
• Increase your overall deposits
• Get assistance with your sales efforts
• Earn a risk-free residual income

Payment Services will make it easy!

• Top-notch customer service and 24/7 terminal support
• Secure transaction processing
• No liability to our Partner
• Processing of all card types
• Merchant training

The Payment Services Financial Institution Partner Program is one of the easiest ways to increase your bottom line. Expand your customer base and broaden your relationship with existing customers by offering new, competitive merchant services. With our interchange-plus pricing approach, our Partners are able to attract new customers with extremely competitive pricing on merchant services. While PSLLC handles all of the processing and customer support, our Partners earn a residual percentage of the net revenue generated by each of their merchants on a monthly basis. With no additional overhead and no liability, you can tap into a new source of revenue as a Payment Services Financial Institution Partner.

services offered

Payment Services securely processes the full spectrum of payment options:

Visa Mastercard Discover
American Express Diners Club JCB
Gift Cards Fleet Cards Pin-based Debit
EBT Check Conversion Internet Transactions
Recurring Payments Check Guarantee 14 Different Currencies

merchant types served

Payment Services offers innovative solutions for merchants in a wide variety of industries:

Retail Catalog Grocery Stores
Online Merchants
Automotive Internet
Direct Marketing
Insurance Petroleum
Lodging Medical
Convenience Stores
Restaurant Specialty Retail Utilities


Our merchant contract term is generally a 3-year term. However, we are so confident in our rates that we will work with Partners who prefer a month-to-month approach in lieu of an extended contract. This month-to-month approach acts as a guarantee to the merchant that their rates won’t be raised, because they’re free to leave at any point.

equipment sales

From credit card terminals and pin pads to check readers, we offer very competitive prices on a wide variety of equipment that can be customized to meet any business’ needs.


The Payment Services Financial Institution Partner Program offers a unique opportunity for our Partners to remain competitive in their communities. Earn new business accounts with the best merchant rates in the industry. We will handle the processing and customer support while you enjoy a new, risk-free source of revenue.

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